Just like you, the world of agriculture and industry has been rocked.  And just like you, we are looking for ways to fight our way back. While everything from major industry to local business has slowed to a crawl, one thing stays the same – the people.  And our people know how to come together in a crisis. That’s exactly what we’re doing now.

Through a partnership between MasterHand Milling and American Premiere Equine, we have pivoted a portion of the manufacturing at MasterHand’s Lexington facility to produce FDA and World Health Organization approved hand sanitizer.  We’ve combined the resources of two completely separate industries to manufacture an ethically sourced, low-cost, high-quality sanitizer for families, communities and our healthcare workers.

MasterHand Milling’s day-to-day business is producing cattle range cubes using distillers grains provided by the ethanol industry.  Today, many of the ethanol plants in the U.S. have slowed or stopped production.

“By purchasing ethanol through our existing relationships and manufacturing this sanitizer, not only are we hoping to do our part to battle this pandemic and provide a necessary product we all need, but we are also doing our best to support the ethanol industry we rely on and that supports so many American farmers,” says MasterHand Milling owner, Dusty Turner.  “It all comes full circle and we’re going to work together across the board to work our way back to normal.”

American Premiere Equine manufactures supplements and other products for the equine industry, which has taken a huge hit with many major events in every discipline cancelled.

“We are all at war with this virus and we all need to look at what we can do to help,” says owner Kaleb Terlip. “The ability of these two companies to unite our resources and act at lightning speed makes me proud to be part of this initiative. Our everyday businesses revolve around people, so our goal is to get sanitizer to the folks who need it and knockdown this virus to get back to our normal way of life.”

Join us as we work to support our industries and help you keep your family safe.  Click the link below to get your product shipped to your door right away. Then remember to smile, wave at your neighbor, say a little prayer and wash your hands.